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  1. Ahhhh sweet! Thanks so much! Really appreciated!!
  2. Ok thanks! He looked all brown, light brown.
  3. Ok, I'll read about them! Thanks for the replies!
  4. Wise County, North Texas. After a long rain, early afternoon. I think it's a hawk. Unsure of what kind. 20210518_143850.mp4
  5. Just love this fella! He's becoming a regular. All by his lonesome. Painted Bunting.
  6. This fella or gal in Ponder, TX. Not too sure of what it is. Thanks!
  7. Thanks! When it moves to the garage for restoration, I think we are going to have to make Carl some sort of perch with a mirror in it's place.
  8. I took pic with my phone, looks like a painting. She's looking inside the living room.
  9. This is Carl. He came here about 3 months ago. He loves looking at himself. We talk everyday, several times a day. If I don't see him, I call him, usually within minutes, he will land on a mirror. He gets excited when I call him. He plays this peek-a-boo game, hiding behind the mirror and popping out. He loves attention. I throw seed far from the mirror, and he comes to eat. When a raccoon came by, Carl flew over. Same as when a fox came. He is very inquisitive. He's outside at the vehicle mirror as we speak. If I am in the garage, he will fly in closer to another vehicle mirror. We're friends. I love him. Can only get within 20 ft or so. My kids ask about him. He is like family. A few weeks ago, he and a mate would eat seed together, just the 2 of them. But I haven't seen her lately. First thing in the morning I look for him and there he is! And I do have to clean up after him.
  10. Oh wow! Thanks so much! First one I have seen in 3 years living here.
  11. Avery, maybe this works. He's been identified! MyRecNightBird.mp3
  12. kansabirdguy Thanks so much! Just read all about them! So fascinating! Made my day!
  13. This fella comes out right after sundown and early morning. I have not seen him, but he communicates with another bird in the distance. North Texas, Wise County and heavily wooded. I've listened to 3 different owl sounds, and that is not him. He's very loud. There is a pause in the recording, then he speaks again. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19vzLPtC0W6Op9A7oqhnhYCSTjtBYdwlv/view?usp=sharing
  14. This guy was sitting for a good while on my front porch. North Texas, Wise County, heavily wooded 16 acres. I got some pics before he flew off. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LfAzJwvJ6C0Z3-b-t_skGi-1iCy1ejLN/view?usp=sharing
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