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  1. The Red-shouldered Hawk was my choice from my Google search but the coloring is what made me come on here. To my old eyes, there was not enough red and too much brown. However, I am happy to accept the ID from much more experienced people. Charlie, No worries. I learned a while ago to always examine pictures on my laptop instead of my phone if accuracy is needed. My eyes have enough issues reading email on the phone let alone details in photos.
  2. Thanks, I had not seen a photo of a juvenile so missed this possibility.
  3. This bird flew into my yard today around noon. Located in Ruckersville VA. We are a rural area about 15 miles north of Charlottesville in Central Virginia. Tried using Google to ID but the banded tail and lack of red coloration confuses me. Anyone know who my new neighbor might be? Thanks,
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