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  1. seen earlier this month in NE Florida, I always struggle with these two
  2. Sorry,, rotten photos! I did the best I could but not well enough for me to figure out what these little birds are. Seen earlier this week. Anyone else have a clue?
  3. Shorebirds are another of my banes. Any help with what I'm seeing here? Are these larger birds willets? Am I seeing dunlins? I do see one lone ruddy turnstone on the very far right but it's the only one I;m sure of. LOL
  4. I love ducks, even the white Pekins, but what can anyone tell me about the brown duck?
  5. In one of the other photos I took the ruddy does look quite a bit smaller than the ring-necks surrounding it, but this photo didn't show the stiff brushy tail as well.
  6. A bunch of local birders have been reporting a female American wigeon at a local pond so today I went to look for myself. Found the pond with a fair bit of activity, mostly rind-necked ducks. But I believe these shots are the wigeon in question, just looking for confirmation. And the last picture is a ruddy duck I believe.
  7. Thanks everyone! My sister and I had pretty much decided on an Eastern Wood-Pewee but really wanted some confirmation
  8. Small bird seen this morning in NE Florida. Sorry I could not get better photos. I've been trying to ID but have not figured it out yet. Anyone have ideas?
  9. I came here today for the first time in a long time, but kept getting warnings from FireFox that the site was not secure and the certificate had expired - with the usual "proceed at your own risk"
  10. are these laughing gulls? Seen today in NE Florida, and were flying near a number of obvious laughing gulls with their black-headed winter plumage, but these looked a little "different" to me.
  11. Saw this duck yesterday in Jacksonville, FL. Has me confused as it seems to have a ski jump bill like a canvasback, but was hanging around in a small pond with a bunch of muscovy ducks which seems like an unlikely habitat.
  12. Thanks. The birds were so small which was why I had thought lesser, but the bill looked long to be also - just the birds didn't look big enough to be greaters, hence my confusion. 😁
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