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  1. Thanks! That's what I was afraid of, but kept hoping it would be something else. LOL It was so little I was wondering why it wasn't with mama. 😄
  2. Seen today. A plover of some sort? I'd first thought killdeer as they do live around here, but it was much smaller, and didn't have the distinct double "necklace".
  3. Thanks, I was thinking the duck was a rind-neck. And thanks for the Coopers ID. I see them so seldom that I'm never sure when I do!
  4. Any help. I was thinking I knew but wasn't sure when I looked at photos more closely.
  5. Thanks everyone. Pine warbler sounds so obvious now that you say it. I’ve been hearing them in the neighborhood the last week or so. I have pine warblers come to my feeders all winter. But the first time they show up for the season I occasionally find myself confused. 😂
  6. I haven’t been able to get a photo but I’ll keep trying. Definitely a small warbler, likely female. She’s been coming to my feeders today. very distinct yellow eye rings. Upper body a drab brownish, yellow breast fading to pale cream at the vent. Two distinct white wing bars. I’ve looked though my Audubon app and two field guides but didn’t see anything that looked like her. Any ideas?
  7. Well a friend of mine who lives on the pond where these birds were sighted, and got a much better look at them, reported them to eBird as blue-winged teals so I guess I’ll just go with her sighting as she’s a better birder than I am!
  8. Northern pintails would be a definite rarity around here and not likely until about Christmas
  9. Seen this morning in NE Florida. I apologize for how awful the photos are. The birds were pretty far off and I was using as much zoom as I could, but could not get anything really in focus. Seen in a retention pond with a bunch of common gallinules and a couple black-bellied whistling ducks. They seem rather tealish to me. I'm thinking blue-winged teal as that would be most common around here now.
  10. I totally agree that size can be extremely difficult to judge. It’s stumped me many times. But I’m not exactly “new” here either. I’ve posted here many times over many years - on and off. But somehow my ID seemed to have vanished some time ago. 😉
  11. I see cattle egrets in road medians all the time back home in Florida. It seems to be a common habitat for them. Though I also see them pretty often in fields with, <gasp>, cattle! But they are certainly my first thought when I hear smallish egret-like bird with an orange bill, especially in a road median.
  12. Haha, I didn’t know my question would spark so many replies. The birds I saw were certainly sparrow-sized. HOSP was my best guess though I’m not used to seeing HOSPs at the beach. But in the few days I’ve been here now I’ve actually seen plenty of HOSPs right here at the beach. Back home I only ever see them at the local shopping center. And such a common bird they are instantly recognizable, which these birds I photographed were not. The color looked so off for one thing, but I’m well aware how a trick of the lighting can make the color look off also.
  13. Thanks all. I’d originally put them down as house sparrows for my eBird report. But the more I looked at the photos the less they looked like house sparrows to me. But with all the consensus here I’ll stick to my original report 😉
  14. I’m on vacation in North Carolina this week and saw these two little birds. They flew quickly before I could get better photos. I didn’t recognize them. Any ideas?
  15. Thanks, I was leaning towards Savannah because of the tail, but I never quite trust myself with these little guys LOL
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