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  1. The head appears rounded. Color of the head and the back are uniformly blueish gray. The tail looks squarish with narrow white tip. Sharp-shinned? Malini
  2. Thank you all for the confirmation!
  3. Last week at Madera Canyon, Arizona There were House Sparrows nearby. Are these House Sparrows too?
  4. A Black-chinned Hummingbird was reported was reported for several days at this specific tree. I never got a good angle, so did not actually see any purple. Could this be a Black-chinned or is it just an Annas? Hummingbird 1 Hummingbird 2 Hummingbird 3
  5. Burleigh Murray State Park, San Mateo County, CA Distant shot, so was difficult to judge side. Slightly peaked head, gray sides and white(ish) down the center. Olive-sided flycatcher?
  6. Indeed, it was the pointy wings that led me to assume Accipiter. I just noticed the windows, so you are very likely right about it being red-shouldered hawk. Thanks @chica!
  7. Photo taken in April. Overhead at Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA
  8. Saw it at the community garden at Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA
  9. Indeed @Tony Leukering. Thanks for setting me right on the logic.
  10. Ancient photo #2 - Eagle Lake vicinity, Lassen County, CA - Feb 2003 Their ranges overlap so could be either. But in general the black mask of the Loggerhead shrike covers about a third of its face and mask in this photo appears thinner and covers only about a fifth. So I am guessing Northern Shrike. Thoughts?
  11. Thanks! According to Merlin, where the range overlaps, Great-tailed Grackles are likely to be seen away from the coasts than Boat-tailed. By that logic, this is more likely to be a Boat-tailed than a Great-tailed.
  12. Dredging up old photos - this is from a trip to Anahuac NWR, Texas in Feb 2003. Its a distant photo so eye color is not obvious but it looks glossy.. Grackle?
  13. May 15th - Emily Renzel Wetlands, Santa Clara CA.
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