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  1. There is a great app called Merlin, which has a song ID, it’s super accurate and fun to use. I would try it out.
  2. I was in Snowflake Az over this weekend and forgot my binoculars so I couldn’t really see the bird well but I took a super crummy picture on my phone. Is it possible that this is a scaled quail it looks out of range but I just can’t think of another bird it could be.
  3. We saw these in Duluth MN, Sept 12, any help with the ID would be great thank you, the plover we are pretty lost betweeen golden and black bellied, the flycatcher we are leaning towards an Easter phoebe, we thought maybe an eastern wood pewee but the bigger darker beak makes me lean towards the phoebe. Thanks again
  4. So we are in South Dakota maybe an hour and half north of Rapid City. This guy was sitting on a fence post initially and then flew a bit further away. Seemed like a really big bird like as big as a turkey vulture kind of big. I can’t think of anything else it could be but a golden eagle or maybe a 2nd or 3rd year bald eagle but was wondering what some other opinions are.sorry about the crummy pic, my phone through my binoculars.....
  5. This guy had the yellow eyes, what do you think of the tawny shouldered blackbird, is it possible they are on the beach? Thank you for the response
  6. My wife and I were recently in Grand Cayman at the beach and we saw a bunch of birds that looked just like brewers blackbirds but we didn’t have the internet so we couldn’t look up to see if they were in range. When we got home and looked it up we realized they aren’t in range and now we’re wishing we had taken a picture of it. Can anyone help us know the likely bird it could be.
  7. Help with the ID please, we are in the Phoenix Az area, the hawk was trying to get to the dove it killed on the trampoline is why there is a netting you see. Also would love to hear the reasoning between the Coopers vs Sharp-Shinned
  8. Thanks for the idea, I guess I’ve never looked closely to the beak of a brewers, it curves down at the tip?
  9. So the big one with the bright red beak I would call a Caspian Tern, note the very red beak and the thickness of it, leads me away from Royal. The smaller terns are more of a guess but I would say immature common. But need a second option on it
  10. Thanks for the info, and another mark for cape May, we live out west so seeing all the east coast warblers will be great to add to our year list, and maybe get some lifers in the process
  11. That would be amazing a lot of warblers always is a huge plus.
  12. The lighting is horribly difficult to Id so for sure it’s not a positive ID but what do you think of a eastern wood peewee?
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