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  1.  So we are in South Dakota maybe an hour and half north of Rapid City. This guy was sitting on a fence post initially and then flew a bit further away.  Seemed like a really big bird like as big as a turkey vulture kind of big. I can’t think of anything else it could be but a golden eagle or maybe a 2nd or 3rd year bald eagle but was wondering what some other opinions are.sorry about the crummy pic, my phone through my binoculars.....


  2. My wife and I were recently in Grand Cayman at the beach and we saw a bunch of birds that looked just like brewers blackbirds but we didn’t have the internet so we couldn’t look up to see if they were in range. When we got home and looked it up we realized they aren’t in range and now we’re wishing we had taken a picture of it. Can anyone help us know the likely bird it could be. 

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