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  1. Everyone should follow the 3 2 1 rule 3 total copies of your data 2 different media types (optical, tape, hard drives, SSD) 1 copy needs to be different location like the cloud i use Google photos which is free Amazon photos freeish. I have Prime so this is an added benefit. I do backup locally to USB drives. If you need office applications such as Excel Word, etc. Office 365 is good.
  2. It is searchable in PC too. It is definitely a different way of thinking but once you embrace tags in metadata you will never go back.
  3. When I export a from LRC to jpg I can still view the Metadata in Windows file explorer
  4. I agree it is not great but there are plenty of choices other than LightRoom MyMeta. MyMeta is a Windows-based system that allows users to edit media file metadata. ... ExifTool. ... TigoTago. ... Exif Date Changer. ... Canto DAM. ... MP4 Video & Audio Tag Editor. ... Metadata++
  5. You do not need LR to add tags. You can do this with windows file explorer. The nice things about tags is searching multiple ways. If you have cardinal picture do you file it as Cardinal? date taken? maybe you were on a trip....
  6. I use lightroom classic and just put in folders by date. The key is to use keywords. I can search for "cardinal" and find any pic tagged with this no matter when or where I took it.
  7. Great pics everyone. I have never seen one so no pics from me. After looking at theses pics i wonder if a purple finch is a sparrow dipped in cranberry sauce is a MBB a snow bunting dipped in Blueberry sauce?
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