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  1. Seen today in St. Croix, Wisconsin. Is this a Hermit Thrush or just the sun lighting up the tail making it contrast with the back?
  2. Seen this morning in St. Croix, Wisconsin. It is either a pale Philadelphia vireo, Warbling Vireo, Bell's Vireo, Red-eyed Vireo, or Tennessee Warbler.
  3. Nashville Warbler with that yellow throat.
  4. Seen in St. Croix, Wisconsin today. This wren wasn't by any water and was just in an open field which makes me lean toward Sedge. Also, Merlin said that it was a sedge wren based off its call. However, The shoulders don't look barred which would make it a marsh wren. I can always upload the audio of the call if needed and I have a few more pictures of it if needed also.
  5. Seen in St. Croix, Wisconsin today. Pretty sure it is a Bay-breasted Warbler but just looking for confirmation. It also could be a Blackpoll Warbler but I think that the chestnut-washed flanks point more toward a Bay-breasted Warbler. Thanks!
  6. Here is another pic. It is a bummer the pictures didn't turn out very well... I am still trying to figure out my camera and the bird was between me and the sun which didn't help. Thanks everyone for the help!
  7. Anybody else think this? This would be only the fourth county record of this if it turns out to be a Baird's. Just curious, what would rule out a White-rumped? I got more pics if you guys need them.
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