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  1. Incoming! The Meadowlark Missile strikes again!
  2. Eastern Kingbird, I think. Welcome to WhatBird, @BirdsAndPuzzles. Eastern Kingbird: Macaulay Library ML352937351
  3. Got my first species with audio, Acadian Flycatcher and Common Yellowthroat.
  4. Nope. Here's a more lightened version of the photo:
  5. Nope, about that size though. Nope, good guess.
  6. Sorry for the delay, I'll put one up tomorrow morning.
  7. Heard in St. Croix County. I am pretty sure it is an Acadian flycatcher but since it is so rare in St Croix county, some more opinions would be great. It sang 3 or 4 times but I got only 1 of the songs on audio. Acadu.m4a
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