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  1. No, Recoil said It was the size of a wren. A Gray Catbird and Canada Jay are twice the size of a wren.
  2. Macaulay Library ML344853161 Here it is. Thanks @TKbird and @PaulK
  3. Okay, I can't get the link to work. Sorry.
  4. Sorry, I sent you the wrong link. Here is the right link. The song in this link starts with 2 whistles just like your song and gets lower and lower in pitch during the song except for the very last note, just like your song does. https://search.macaulaylibrary.org/catalog?taxonCode=sonspa&mr=M6TO7&behaviors=s&mediaType=a&q=Song Sparrow - Melospiza melodia
  5. Very rare Eurasian Collared Dove in St. Croix, WI. 2 Days ago. Only the 6th ever record for St. Croix.
  6. https://search.macaulaylibrary.org/catalog?taxonCode=sonspa&behaviors=s&mediaType=a&sort=rating_rank_desc&region=British Columbia, Canada (CA)&regionCode=CA-BC&q=Song Sparrow The softer song in this audio matches closely with your audio.
  7. Welcome to Whatbird, Stacey Do you have any photos? What did your birds look like?
  8. Yes to number one, but I'm not sure on the rest.
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