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  1. I think that this is a Louisiana Waterthrush with the clean white throat
  2. Funny you say that, my brother was birding with me and he identified them as Blackburnian Warblers but I doubted him... I will never hear the end of this now...😁
  3. Seen in Dane County, Wisconsin, today. I think that they are two different birds, but I am not one hundred percent sure.
  4. I tried Merlin on the audio and it said that is was a song sparrow. I then looked at the sonograms of other sparrows on the area and none of them matched up as good as the song sparrow did. This still could be a different type of sparrow but am 90% sure this is a song.
  5. Go for it. I wish I knew how to edit photos better but that is definitely not my strong suit. My max is cropping photos and lighting it up a bit.
  6. I have no experience with rails but Merlin said that it was a Clapper Rail. We all know how accurate Merlin can be sometimes though...
  7. Seen this morning in Burnett County, Wisconsin. My guess is that this is a Gadwall but I am not positive.
  8. Juvenile starling. A juvenile cuckoo would not have the streaking on the chest.
  9. 1. Brown-headed Cowbird 2. Downy Woodpecker- note the spotted outer tail feathers that Hairy Woodpeckers do not have
  10. Seen in Burnett County, Wisconsin this morning.
  11. I agree and I think the #5 is a Wilson's Warbler
  12. Seen in St. Croix, Wisconsin today. The first and second pic are of the same bird. The third pic is of a different bird.
  13. Seen in South Dakota last year on 6/24/22 There was domestic mallards at the park so at first I assumed it was a domestic goose but now I am wondering if it actually is a Greater White Fronted Goose
  14. Seen this morning in St. Croix, Wisconsin.
  15. I also think it is a BWTE because in the first pic I think I see a white ring around the eye which would indicate a BWTE.
  16. Seen in St. Croix County, Wisconsin. Mixed in with lots of Lesser Scaups, Ring-necked Ducks, and Coots. These ducks were separate from the main flock.
  17. Seen in Charleston County, South Carolina a couple of day ago. Not sure if the bird in the second pic is the same bird in the first one.
  18. Seen in St. Croix, Wisconsin today. 1. Tennessee Warbler? 2. Warbling Vireo? 3. Swainson's Thrush?
  19. This. In the third picture, you can see a white line that is separating the light part of the wing from dark part and in the link below the kite has that same white line. Also, that picture was taken in Texas in September just like your photo. Macaulay Library ML177106561
  20. I think it is a Red-tailed Hawk; note the red streaking near the neck on both your bird and the bird in the link. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/43270221
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