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  1. 1 hour ago, DLecy said:

    Hint: It's not a yellowlegs. Look at the patterning of the scaps, coverts, tertials (uppers) and compare with LEYEs.

    If its not a yellowlegs, then is it a Stilt Sandpiper or something else?

    Here are all the common shorebirds for St. Croix at this time:

    Stilt- Mabye

    Baird's- Too Small and too short of a beak

    Least- Too small

    Pectoral- Mabye

    Semipalmated Sandpiper- Too small

    Short-billed dowitcher- Too long of a bill

    Woodcock- No

    Wilson's Snipe- No

    Wilson's Phalarope- No

    Spotted- No

    Solitary- Too Small

    Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs- Mabye




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