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  1. Seen in St. Croix County, Wisconsin. Mixed in with lots of Lesser Scaups, Ring-necked Ducks, and Coots. These ducks were separate from the main flock.
  2. Seen in Charleston County, South Carolina a couple of day ago. Not sure if the bird in the second pic is the same bird in the first one.
  3. Seen in St. Croix, Wisconsin today. 1. Tennessee Warbler? 2. Warbling Vireo? 3. Swainson's Thrush?
  4. This. In the third picture, you can see a white line that is separating the light part of the wing from dark part and in the link below the kite has that same white line. Also, that picture was taken in Texas in September just like your photo. Macaulay Library ML177106561
  5. I think it is a Red-tailed Hawk; note the red streaking near the neck on both your bird and the bird in the link. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/43270221
  6. What is the difference between a Female Blackpoll and a Female Bay-breasted?
  7. Seen in St. Croix, Wisconsin. Its back had two bold white wing bars.
  8. Why not a Broad-winged Hawk? It can't be a young Red-tailed hawk due to the band on the tail and the lack of white on the wings. Macaulay Library ML204898201
  9. Seen in St. Croix, Wisconsin. Some Lesser Yellowlegs were in the area but this bird was apart from them so I couldn't get a size comparison.
  10. If its not a yellowlegs, then is it a Stilt Sandpiper or something else? Here are all the common shorebirds for St. Croix at this time: Stilt- Mabye Baird's- Too Small and too short of a beak Least- Too small Pectoral- Mabye Semipalmated Sandpiper- Too small Short-billed dowitcher- Too long of a bill Woodcock- No Wilson's Snipe- No Wilson's Phalarope- No Spotted- No Solitary- Too Small Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs- Mabye
  11. Seen in St. Croix, Wisconsin. Mixed flock of Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs, Semipalmated Plovers, and Killdeer. Sorry for the poor quality, pictures are heavily cropped.
  12. Flycatcher seen in St. Croix county, Wisconsin. Yellow-bellied or Least?
  13. Agreed, You can start to see the 2 wing bars and the chestnut tail.
  14. Scarlet Tanager Macaulay Library ML 466130071
  15. Seen on the edge of a field with no water nearby. Not sure if the sparrows are the same birds or not.
  16. It looks like an European Starling to me.
  17. In Nine Springs Natural Area Dane County Wisconsin.
  18. Heard in a tall maple forest. It sang about 10 times and each song was spaced out about every 15 seconds. I was leaning toward Acadian Flycatcher but I could be wrong. Acadian.mp3
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