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  1. Try it now. It's been a while since I whatbirded. I used to grab the bb code from imgur but the options seemed to have changed. Is Imgur still an option for linking photos? There used to be a limit on Whatbird about files uploaded. Can someone bring me up to date? Thx
  2. I'm thinking Blue-gray due to white sided tail Arthur Pack Park, Tucson AZ
  3. Thanks, these flycatchers are a bit of a challenge.
  4. Arivaca Cienega, SE AZ 4-10-20 Brown Crested? Sulpher-bellied? Cassin's Kingbird? Thanks
  5. Cooper's or Sharpie? I'm guessing Coop due to light nape. This was the only photo I could get and I didn't want to hang around and disturb her.
  6. Looks like a female Black Headed Grosbeak. Good bird and a sure sign of spring.
  7. Yes, that beak straight up is a classic pose, I've looked right at them and failed to pick them out from the surrounding reeds!
  8. SE Arizona 4-6-2020 female Broad-billed? Lucifer - pretty sure of this one but confirm lifer please
  9. Thanks Tony. Cheer up Nivalis, you'll get the cool eastern warblers soon!
  10. 4-6-202 Hereford AZ extreme south east corner of AZ Lazuli bunting Zone-tailed Hawk? Hepatic Tanager? What kingbird? I'm thinking Cassin's due to the white chin. Thanks
  11. There are 2 races - Myrtle, with a white throat and more patterned face (which is what you have here) and Audubon's with the yellow throat and a somewhat plainer face. This is the most common warbler I see out west. They are doing something right!
  12. This is a pretty cool place. Just starting my walk and the first two birds I see are a Vermillion Flycatcher and Yellow Warbler. Then Vireos! At the end of the walk I get into a staring contest with this guy.
  13. I found another photo that would seem to confirm Cassin's I believe. I don't think a Plumbeous would have the olive on the back, correct?
  14. sorry about the double post, my internet where I am staying is pretty slow and I wasn't sure the first time worked. Thank for the ID help.
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