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  1. I'll be doing the state ferry sailing from Yakutat, AK to Bellingham, WA in mid-July. Any ideas of what I might see that time of year? What areas to be most attentive? It's not specially a birding trip but I'm sure I will find the time. Thanks
  2. Location around Bend, OR in the high desert, 3rd week of June. Ferruginous? Another ferruginous Is this Calico looking guy a Red-Tail? The dark breast makes me think Swainson's? Thanks
  3. Thanks, For my edumacation, what leads you to think Long-billed?
  4. Georgia coastal island - May Great Crested Flycatcher? Yellow-rumped Warbler/ Dowitcher - not sure if it can be ID'd more than this. Interesting to see what he can do with the end of his beak. Thanks,
  5. Thanks, that's a lifer for a west coast bird chaser!
  6. Location is Kennesaw Mtn GA earlier this month. This is the best picture I could get. He was very high up and moving through the foliage. Do I see enough black on the wings and tail to call this a Scarlett Tanager or is it a Summer? Thanks
  7. I would say a female tanager. Not sure between Summer and Scarlet.There appears to be a darker wing which might indicate a Scarlet but unsure based on the photo. Hopefully someone better versed in eastern birds can help.
  8. Thanks, geographically, Least would make more sense. As for size, for what its worth, he was considerably smaller than a nearby Killdeer.
  9. April 2019 California desert - This is the only picture I got before he took off. Based on the eye I would say Ruby Crowned Kinglet? SW Washington state Ridgefield NWR The group consensus was Pectoral Sandpiper but he would have had to take a serious wrong turn to end up here I think. What do you think?
  10. I was real excited when I came online and saw 10 responses. Then I see it was all generated by my poor wording of the post! Oh, well.
  11. Comments about location are noted. I didn't realize I omitted the state. For what it's worth, the location is in the Mojave Desert, just a bit north of Palm Springs CA. It is in the overlap of the ranges for these 2 species.
  12. Springbok, good to hear from a fellow SW Washingtonian (Clark County). Try using Imgur to load your photos and it will give you a link to copy and paste into your Whatbird post to display the photo.
  13. Hi, look up Yellow Rumped Warbler and see if that looks right.
  14. 3-31-19 Big Morongo Preserve Can any of these be safely called Nuttall's? Thanks
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