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  1. Hi, I have been away for a while and find that I can no longer paste links for Imgur to display photos. Has something changed? Should I now just upload the photo directly? I seem to remember there was a limit in the past. Thanks,
  2. Try it now. It's been a while since I whatbirded. I used to grab the bb code from imgur but the options seemed to have changed. Is Imgur still an option for linking photos? There used to be a limit on Whatbird about files uploaded. Can someone bring me up to date? Thx
  3. I'm thinking Blue-gray due to white sided tail Arthur Pack Park, Tucson AZ
  4. Thanks, these flycatchers are a bit of a challenge.
  5. Arivaca Cienega, SE AZ 4-10-20 Brown Crested? Sulpher-bellied? Cassin's Kingbird? Thanks
  6. Cooper's or Sharpie? I'm guessing Coop due to light nape. This was the only photo I could get and I didn't want to hang around and disturb her.
  7. Looks like a female Black Headed Grosbeak. Good bird and a sure sign of spring.
  8. Yes, that beak straight up is a classic pose, I've looked right at them and failed to pick them out from the surrounding reeds!
  9. SE Arizona 4-6-2020 female Broad-billed? Lucifer - pretty sure of this one but confirm lifer please
  10. Thanks Tony. Cheer up Nivalis, you'll get the cool eastern warblers soon!
  11. 4-6-202 Hereford AZ extreme south east corner of AZ Lazuli bunting Zone-tailed Hawk? Hepatic Tanager? What kingbird? I'm thinking Cassin's due to the white chin. Thanks
  12. There are 2 races - Myrtle, with a white throat and more patterned face (which is what you have here) and Audubon's with the yellow throat and a somewhat plainer face. This is the most common warbler I see out west. They are doing something right!
  13. This is a pretty cool place. Just starting my walk and the first two birds I see are a Vermillion Flycatcher and Yellow Warbler. Then Vireos! At the end of the walk I get into a staring contest with this guy.
  14. I found another photo that would seem to confirm Cassin's I believe. I don't think a Plumbeous would have the olive on the back, correct?
  15. sorry about the double post, my internet where I am staying is pretty slow and I wasn't sure the first time worked. Thank for the ID help.
  16. Not so sure on my vireos. 3-23-20 Sweetwater Wetlands Tucson AZ
  17. Not so sure on my vireos. 3-23-20 Sweetwater Wetlands Tucson AZ
  18. 2 days ago at the lodge. Love Madera Canyon, things are starting to hop. Broad-billed, Rivoli's, Rufus and Black Chinned seen so far.
  19. Orlando area Christmas week 2019 Not sure about this guy, warbler or vireo Chipping sparrow I would like for this to be a Sharpie but I think the light nape means Cooper's? Pine Warbler? Do the wing bars preclude Orange Crowned? Thanks
  20. Thanks, I must have gotten mixed up with Least Scaup!
  21. Merritt Island NWR central Florida Atlantic coast 12/28/19 Not great with peeps and the like. I'm thinking the lighter ones are sanderlings, the larger darker ones are dunlin and small ones are lesser sandpiper? Thanks
  22. Lake Apopka North Shore reserve, Florida 12-29-19 Confirm ID please, not great on eastern birds. Thanks Eastern Phoebe? Palm Warbler Savannah Sparrow?
  23. Lake Apopka FL July Big hawk harrassed by smaller hawk. My guess is Red-Tail (bottom) and Red-Shouldered (top). Somewhat surprised to see how much smaller the Red-Shouldered was. young Cooper's? Thanks
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