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  1. 44 minutes ago, Jodi Nielson said:

    I took this today (same bird/2 pics).  When I pulled up images of yellow-rumped warbler, it also discussed the myrtle warbler.  So I was hoping someone could explain this to me.  Am I understanding correctly that there are multiple kinds of yrw, and this one is the myrtle variety?  Sorry if this is a silly question--I'm just trying to learn.  thanks1798756335_myrtletile.JPG.b9edba7e99a788605bc9b320eeb1e6f4.JPG

    There are 2 races - Myrtle, with a white throat and more patterned face (which is what you have here) and Audubon's with the yellow throat and a somewhat plainer face.

    This is the most common warbler I see out west. They are doing something right!

  2. Orlando area Christmas week 2019

    Not sure about this guy, warbler or vireo


    Chipping sparrow



    I would like for this to be a Sharpie but I think the light nape means Cooper's?


    Pine Warbler?

    Do the wing bars preclude Orange Crowned?






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