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  1. Thanks for the IDs. I quit looking through possible candidates before I got to turnstones! I'm hoping some Florida duck guru can help me on the first picture. It looks good to me, there is the clean beige head and strongly marked body. The bill colors seem right for male and female. I think I see a black spot near the gape that is diagnostic but there is some glare in the picture that makes it less certain than it would be.
  2. Help out a northwesterner with south eastern birds? Thanks, Merritt Island NWR FL - 2-7-19 Mottled Ducks? Palm Warbler A plover of some kind? Not sure about this one - black bellied?
  3. Merritt Island refuge 2-7-19 I'm guessing this is either an Eastern Wood Peewee or Eastern Phoebe - any ideas? Pretty sure the big guys with the big honking red bills are Caspian, are the smaller ones Forsters? Common Ground Dove? Not a great picture but the reddish bill seems indicative? Thanks
  4. Orlando Wetlands 2-7-19 Is this a boat tailed grackle? He seems to have a dark eye and I have read that some Florida individuals have this. Thanks
  5. Yesterday, Woodland Bottoms, SW WA. This bird was hovering like a Kestral but seemed much larger. They have been seen in this area. Also the light area at the end of the wing is indicative of a young RLHA? Or is this another of the endless variations of Red Tail?
  6. Ken, were the waterfowl back at the lake yet? Its a great place for close ups.
  7. I hope this is the correct forum. I found entries pertaining to Hawaii when I searched. Anyway, I visited Hakalau NWR last week and saw some very interesting birds. Some are so unique that ID is pretty straight-forward. Some leave room for doubt. Here's a few I would like confirmation for: Hawaii Creeper?
  8. Thanks, I wasn't sold on the other 2 options I offered. I did see adult Horned Larks in the area.
  9. 7-8-18 Sisters OR at the eastern base of the Cascades Western Wood Pewee? Brewer's Sparrows - the face seems strongly marked for a Brewer's, my other guess is a very light colored Song? These song sparrow variations get me because on the west side of the mountains they are rather dark brown and gray. Thanks
  10. Bearcat6, as a NW dweller you have posted photos of some of my favorite places. We drove out to the center of the dry Alvord lake bed one evening and laid on a blanket and watched the sky. Amazing view!
  11. Thanks, still looking for that elusive N Rough wing. I've probably seen them in the swirling flocks without recognizing them.
  12. I just returned from a trip to central Oregon, where I visited my favorite nature photo site - Cabin Lake campground. There is no cabin, no lake and no formal campground. It has two small huts looking out on a couple of H2O guzzlers. Its in dry country so its a real hit with the locals. It is supported and maintained by the Eastern Cascades Audubon people and they do a great job. I travel around the country a bit for pleasure and business and I was wondering if others could share any blinds that they are particularly fond of?
  13. Black Tern - Summer Lake, OR 7-6-18
  14. With eye ring and the reddish cap it kind of looks like a Nashville Warbler. I would await further consultation.
  15. Central Oregon - high desert - Summer Lake Can anyone identify this bird? I think he is a youngster. Another on at same location the top 3 I'm thinking either Bank or N Rough wings? Thanks
  16. Ricardo, I thought I had a Golden Eagle this weekend that turned out to be a RT. They can be so many different colors!
  17. I'm going with Red Tail, sorry. The angle makes it a bit tough to tell but the beak looks short for an eagle.
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