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  1. Thanks again Bird Nut! That one is #206 on my life list.
  2. Thanks Bird Nut, I was thinking either broad-winged or red-shouldered. The details really help.
  3. Thanks Bird Nut! Someday I'll see a different flycatcher in my backyard, but not this year!
  4. Last week in New Hampshire. The sparrow looks different but could be just a juvenile? Thanks for your help!
  5. Today in new Hampshire. I'm leaning toward Swainson's but haven't seen one before. Thanks
  6. These were all taken this summer in New Hampshire. Thanks
  7. Oh thank you Benjamin! I have a hard time with the females. And yes of course, I'm not sure how she got in there, but I opened all the windows and let her find her way out.
  8. Hello! This bird was in my shed this morning, in Central New Hampshire. Any help identifying would be great. Sorry about the crappy second picture...
  9. It's that white spot that got me to thinking, too, that it might be a Lesser Goldfinch.
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