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  1. It's that white spot that got me to thinking, too, that it might be a Lesser Goldfinch.
  2. Cool! Thank you, never would have gotten that!
  3. Pretty sure this is a Cooper's Hawk, but thought I'd check with the experts. Thanks
  4. Taken in Tucson in early March. I thought at first this was a chipping sparrow but it was signing such a sweet song, not chipping. thanks
  5. This was taken a few weeks ago in Tucson.
  6. I thought this was probably a Mourning Dove ruffled up, but the tail looks shorter than a Mourning Dove, unless it's just hidden, so it might be another type? Common ground dove maybe?
  7. Hello, I saw this a few weeks ago in Tucson AZ. Not sure if you can tell what type of goldfinch, unfortunately this is the only photo I have. Thank you!
  8. thanks everyone, I wish I'd gotten closer pictures!
  9. Thanks very much Kevin and blackburnian.
  10. Forgot to say, this was a few days ago.
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