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  1. Everyone is so nice! Thank you, I am shopping for a digital camera and binoculars so I’ll hurry it along.
  2. Mountain chickadee- not so stubby, longer neck, mostly black. No black on eyes. white breasted nuthatch- face is right but tail is longer, rudder shaped I believe. More black. ladderbacked wood pecker-closest but belly is black, not so many dots.
  3. Sorry, I’m in central Arizona, elevation 5,000 feet. Pine trees and scrub, summer highs 80’s to 90’s. Not a large bird. Very slightly larger than the house finches frequently feed.
  4. A very distinct bird but I just can’t find it. Black center of head streaking down to black body. White from eyes down to breast (I see it as Eddy Munster) with distinct white spots on wing. It walks up and down tree trunks and limbs. It takes a seed from my feeder and caries it to a branch to break it open. Sorry, I have no equipment and my cell phone just doesn’t pick it up.
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