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  1. Hello! We're having trouble identifying this bird that we saw on a walk today (31MAY), and would appreciate any help. Identifiers and other information: Cape Cod, MA, USA Sandy/marshy edge of kettle pond (small lake) surrounded by protected forest land Early afternoon, overcast and damp, but not actively raining, late spring (31MAY) Long, straight beak - a bit longer than head (but not as long as head combined with very long neck) 1-1.5ft tall including neck Distinct crest on head, possibly rectractable (poor quality picture linked below does not show crest) Wingspan also 1-1.5ft, solid gray wings Bright yellow/yellow-orange legs Mostly brown (brown-black?) solid colored body and neck - no obvious white or other streaks Quick runner over short distance - eventually flew across lake only a foot or two above the surface. Image: https://pasteboard.co/K4upQaw.jpg
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