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  1. This little guy came by this morning. I would normally guess Nuttall’s Woodpecker, but his head feathers are a bit dark. Thoughts? I live in Simi Valley, California.
  2. This little guy stopped by today and I’m a bit befuddled. My first thought was Nuttall’s, but his head’s darker than I’ve ever seen around here. I’m in Simi Valley, California.
  3. I finally saw the residents. It belongs to House Sparrows
  4. That would have been rather cool. But, a bit unlikely.
  5. All three visit my feeder regularly! I will watch, thank you!
  6. This nest is in the eves of my second floor. It’s probably only been there for a week. I have no idea what sort of bird built it. Any ideas? I live in Simi Valley, CA, next to a lake.
  7. Not sure what sort of juvenile black bird this one is. Any thoughts? I live in Simi Valley, CA, on the edge of a lake.
  8. I took this this morning, June 17th, near my feeders, in Simi Valley, CA. It appears to be solitary, and prefers to eat suet.
  9. I’ve never seen a Cowbird this yellow, but it seems to be the closest id. Any thoughts?
  10. I’ve lived here for 20 years, I can’t recall ever seeing them before. They were Startling Starlings. Large numbers and extremely loud.
  11. Could these be Starlings? They have just arrived at the lake by house in Simi Valley, California. There must be a thousand of them.
  12. This little guy has been living in the lake behind my house for the past month. I live in Simi Valley, which is in Ventura County, California. A friend suggested that it’s a Mallard-Wood Duck hybrid. What do you think?
  13. Yes, I did see that that was the closest match. So an introduced species, not native to California?
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