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  1. Looking through recent photos, we can't decide between a few sandpipers. This photo was taken in early August on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. We thought there were Least Sandpipers because of the yellow legs. This photo was taken in early September in Discovery Park in Seattle. We figured this one was a Western Sandpiper, also because of the legs. But looking at them together, they otherwise look so similar. Were we originally on the right track, or are they the same?
  2. Spotted circling above at Kah Tai Lagoon near Port Townsend, WA a week and a half ago. Apologies for the grainy photo. I hope the colors are accurate enough for id. Thanks!
  3. Dungeness Spit, a week and a half ago, 5 of these birds together along the shore.
  4. Here are two photos, from two different days. Different birds, different places. Are either or both wood ducks? Both are in the Seattle area, in marshy areas. Sorry for grainy photos!
  5. Saw this flock of birds in Seattle, in a waterfront nature area, last week in the late afternoon. They flew in a tight flock, in an undulating path, until they landed in a tree. They appeared to be the size of red-winged blackbirds, but it was some distance so not entirely sure.
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