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  1. I thought that Chimney Swift might be the closest when searching for possibilities. The descriptions I’ve read are pretty close, but 5 to 5.5” kinda threw me off. Maybe these were fledglings after all, but they were quite sleek - no fuzzies. And yes, their wings seemed longer than their body, not much tail. We searched through our bird books and are pretty sure this is our answer! Tomorrow we’ll check our chimney for a nest!
  2. Hey, ThankYou for suggestions. We definitely are familiar with starlings and this was not in any way a starling! Actually, we’ve had the “pleasure” a couple of times, of them falling down our chimney in winter. This bird was quite small, but didn’t appear to be a fledgling. I was very busy keeping the cats at bay while trying to catch the poor little thing. So sorry, but I couldn’t take a pic as my phone wasn’t on me. My recollection is that it was all darkish gray to black, dull, almost velvety looking; no iridescence, no wing bars, no eye circles, no white breast, no tail stripes. I think the beak and legs were both charcoal and the eye was black - very monochromatic. It was really quite small (maybe 4”) and pretty sleek. We are backyard watchers for decades and never saw a bird like this. Possibly a migrant? I wish I could supply a better description, but I was quite preoccupied. I sat with it wrapped in the bottom of my shirt, eyes covered to keep it calm, after a little rest, I checked him/her for damage - appeared to be fine. Opened my hand and off he flew! Pretty straight flyer, not swooping like some birds. My husband caught the same guy, or one just like it this morning, also at a screened open window. He had nothing to add to my description, I’m afraid. We absolutely have no idea how these sweet little guys got in our house!
  3. Help! A very small (fits in one hand) all dullish charcoal grey (towards black) bird has found its way into our house, in PA, TWICE!! in the past week. We have two cats and they’ve managed to allude them, thank goodness! Only opening to the outside is our chimney. I’ve hunted on bird identification sites and have been unable to find out what they may be.
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