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  1. Thanks! I know the bill length will give some insight between the hairy and downy woodpecker, but not certain myself.
  2. Here are two additional images of the first woodpecker.
  3. Taken yesterday in Fremont, CA. I used my phone for thus one. Is the first one a downy woodpecker or hairy woodpecker? 2nd one should be Nuttall. Thanks
  4. Taken today at Hayward Regional Shoreline, California.
  5. Sorry, didn't make it clear the first time ;). I have seen tons of red-shouldered hawks but not red-tailed hawks. This is the first time I have photographed a red-tailed hawk to document as photographic evidence ? Red-shouldered Hawks are amazing. This is one I captured recently
  6. Thanks! I've seen tons of red-shouldered, but this one is the first I have photographed. I've probably seen some outside, but didn't bother to identify them or have a binocular handy.
  7. Spotted this guy flying high above my backyard. Pretty sure it's a red-tailed hawk (SF Bay Area, California). Light Morph? Haven't got one in my collection yet (eBird) ?.
  8. In your fourth image, you can see the bill is much longer than the the head length (kind of what you expect for a greater instead of lesser). Also you want to look for a slight upturn of the bill for the bird. I can kind of see that in the image. I would say greater as well.
  9. Spotted this female bird at Coyote Hills, California today. My guess is Tri-colored since the dark brown and streaky plumage field mark is quite visible. eBird states that Red-winged blackbird females have warmer tones for their plumage. Can anyone confirm?
  10. You meant Cooper's Hawk and Sharp-shinned Hawk? I have trouble with those as well
  11. Just want to confirm a few birds that I've spotted at Coyote Hills in Fremont, CA. I took the pictures today. Cooper's Hawk Red-Shouldered Hawk White-tailed Kite Thanks!
  12. Thanks everyone! I posted my checklist here if u want to see more of my photography. https://ebird.org/checklist/S79353562
  13. Golden-crowned sparrow and Dunlin? Location: Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge Date: Jan 16, 2021
  14. Just want to confirm Chesnut-backed Chickadee and Pine Siskin? Location: Fremont, CA. Picture taken today.
  15. January 9, 2021 Hayward Regional Shoreline, CA Need confirmation with two birds I spotted. Cooper's Hawk and Anna's? https://flic.kr/p/2kqGbbz https://flic.kr/p/2kqGaJs
  16. Hello all. Yesterday (11/28/2020), I went to Alviso Marina County Park in Santa Clara and spotted two birds that I need some help identifying. I would like to confirm that I have photographed an eared grebe and not a horned grebe. Seems to be missing that streak of pink/red leading from the eye to the upper mandible. Can anyone confirm the 2nd picture to be a LESSER YELLOWLEGS and not GREATER YELLOWLEGS? The field marks for this bird seems to fit those of a LESSER variant. Round head, bill is pretty straight, and overall it is a pretty small bird. Unsure though.
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