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  1. I went birding this morning, and saw/found my second Olive-sided Flycatcher in as many days. It was miles away from yesterday's bird/site. Otherwise this morning was kind of slow. It was sunny and cool, which was really nice.
  2. Welcome to Whatbird, Odonate! I also have no wisdom to offer, but I want to say that I like your screen name.
  3. I'll go with that, and Eastern Phoebe for the second.
  4. That's good to know about their longevity. I believe that mine are normal/classic.
  5. I have men's Sahara convertible pants, in both tan/brown and gray colors like the ones you linked to, and I like them both. My tan ones are thinner and maybe less water resistant than my gray ones.
  6. Yellow-rumped Warbler, as said above. Where and when did you take the photo?
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