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  1. There are only two eBird sightings for Common Merganser in this county. One of them is a historic record from 1943; the other is from 2015. I think we can probably eliminate this species.
  2. Indeed! Maybe Code 5 Design should do a Slaty-backed Gull 2021-2022 t-shirt akin to their Steller's Sea-Eagle shirt (that has all the states and provinces listed).
  3. Slaty-backed Gull in Baltimore, MARYLAND https://ebird.org/checklist/S100909906 I'm hoping it sticks around to the weekend. There are no accepted records for Maryland (or DC, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia either as far as I know).
  4. Yesterday I saw a Gray Catbird in Montgomery County, Maryland. They are not flagged by eBird for January, though they are certainly not expected.
  5. Welcome, Tanager! You photographed a Least Sandpiper, as meghann said above.
  6. I'm more or less there too. I like the scoreboard, but it isn't necessary if it takes up too much of your time. So I could live without it.
  7. It's a Great Blue Heron that is not in full adult plumage, as it lacks white on the crown. Were the chaperoned birds smaller or differently colored?
  8. It's a Merlin, likely a female or immature based on the brown upperparts coloring.
  9. I agree. My first reply was before I had fully understood Wood-Rail taxonomy and distribution. For that I apologize.
  10. You were replying to a person who hasn't posted in this thread, about Summer Tanager and Yellow-billed Cuckoo, which was clearly another thread.
  11. Here is Russet-necked Wood-Rail https://ebird.org/species/runwor1
  12. BUT, my wife, who has been to Costa Rica, is saying that this species has been split by some authorities into two species, so which one it is depends on where in Costa Rica the photo was taken. So, maybe someone with access other books than what we have can weigh in. The species seem to be Russet-naped and Gray-cowled. The former is more northern, while the latter is found elsewhere.
  13. It is a Gray-cowled Wood-Rail, Aramides cajaneus https://ebird.org/species/gycwor1
  14. Welcome to Whatbird, huntdani. eBird shows a lot of sites in southern Idaho with Lesser Goldfinch in winter, and even this month so far. So it looks like they are regular (though not necessarily common) in southern Idaho at this time of year?
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