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  1. BRDL 154 佞佞佞 Would like to see this bird if I haven't already
  2. birdie #37: 抽漎漎漎漎 https://birdiegame.net/
  3. At the rate things are going, that might happen in November
  4. birdie 弛 #36: 休劾抽漎漎 https://birdiegame.net/ Didn't use a field guide, as always (so far)
  5. As of right now, NONE of the 50 Limpkin eBird reports from Nebraska have been confirmed. A little over half of those are from yesterday. In fact, 130 out of the 158 reports in the state rare bird alert have not yet been confirmed.
  6. Yeppers. One was near Minneapolis a year ago, so why not Michigan? Or even Ontario?
  7. You're right. I got the county and city names mixed up
  8. American White Pelican? One was reported in Wakodahatchee Wetlands, West Palm Beach, as recently as the 23rd, on eBird. eta: Sniped. And, I hadn't considered Wood Stork.
  9. Of interest from today's ABA rare bird roundup (https://www.aba.org/rare-bird-alert-june-24-2022/). TWO state first Limpkins! Plus one in Amarillo Texas, the farthest west the species has gone (so far). The Limpkin summer continues to be absolutely ridiculous, as both Nebraska and Iowa picked up their state 1st records on exactly the same day. The Nebraska Limpkin is near Omaha, and the Iowa Limpkin in is Lucas. In Utah, a well-documented Alder Flycatcher was photographed, and most crucially, recorded, in Salt Lake, representing that states 1st record. Up to Yukon, where a sharp male Thick-billed Longspur at Watson Lake is a territorial 1st.
  10. Welcome to Whatbird, tris. I also feel that this is a Common Raven.
  11. birdie #35: 休抽漎漎漎 https://birdiegame.net/
  12. BRDL 152 甽佞 甽 佞佞甽 佞佞佞
  13. Very nice!! I'd have 2 or 3 life birds on that checklist, and uncounted year birds.
  14. BRDL 151 佞 甽甽甽 佞佞佞 With my two opening words, I set about to make different arrangements of the letters before looking it up. To my partially caffeinated surprise, my first arrangement was the correct one. So, no list!
  15. birdie #34: 劾劾劾抽漎 https://birdiegame.net/ I was fairly confident too. I did see the logical clue, but for some reason I didn't think of the correct species immediately.
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