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  1. The 2nd edition eastern Sibley guide notes that female Scarlet Tanagers have a gray underside to the tail and female Summers don't.
  2. ikr! The 2017 7th edition of the National Geographic guide has a sitting adult and a single flying juvenile of Nazca Booby in the main section, finally. Hopefully the 8th edition will have more illustrations!
  3. Nazca Booby has not been a California review bird since 2019 ended (147 records in the database through the end of 2019), while Masked Booby still is a review species (107 records in the database through last month). That is not the result I would have expected. The bird(s) in the photograph are statistically more likely to be Nazca than Masked, however I am not going to attempt to identify them to species. https://www.californiabirds.org/database_query.asp
  4. It's a juvenile American Robin. Welcome to Whatbird, DerBengel, unfortunately under this sad circumstance.
  5. Seconding Caspian Tern. The bill is too big for Common & Forsters, among other features. Royal shouldn't be in Missouri and would not have a solid black cap.
  6. This. Plus, the pointed bill rules out vireos.
  7. My gut reaction in Green Heron. There are currently just 106 accepted records of Tricolored Heron in California. The only San Francisco record was of a 2019 bird that was also in Marin County. https://www.californiabirds.org/queryDatabase.asp?partial=on&species=Tricolored+Heron
  8. Bobolinks. I don't think you can differentiate the sexes at this time of year. Congratulations on your lifer!
  9. Either Plumbeous or Cassin's Vireo; probably Plumbeous?
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