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  1. Red-shouldered Hawk adult. Where and when was the photo taken?
  2. Welcome to Whatbird! The song resembles Common Yellowthroat, but it could be another species.
  3. It looks similar to/has genes of Indian Runner duck, a variety of domestic Mallard https://www.10000birds.com/manky-mallards-domestic-feral-or-just-plain-odd-mallards.htm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_Runner_duck
  4. Baby Orchard Oriole. Little birb, don't worry, your parents will be back with your next meal.
  5. I once saw a hummingbird dive at a Least Sandpiper twice, 100 +/- feet apart, as it and other sandpipers were flying away in a straight line from a puddle in a soccer field. The hummingbird had flown up out of the field of view of my binoculars, then returned for the second chastising. Another time I saw a hummingbird hover close to a gnatcatcher as if to harass it. I burst out laughing as they were pretty much the same minuscule size.
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