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  1. Scarlet Tanager: small bill, greenish plumage, and gray undertail.
  2. Is that one of the Richard Pough multivolume books? I had the 3rd edition eastern Peterson and the first edition Golden Guide in addition to both eastern Pough Audubon bird guides.
  3. Gulf Coast Clapper Rails are more colorful than Atlantic Coast Clapper Rails.
  4. 3--Black-legged Kittiwake juvenile 4 & 7--young White-crowned Sparrows 5--Rusty Blackbirds 6--Pelagic Cormorant and adult Black-legged Kittiwake 9--Glaucous-winged Gull adult 10--Common Raven I'll pass on the others for now
  5. Welcome to Whatbird, Pavel. I agree with Aidan that your bird is a Swainson's Hawk
  6. Thanks. If the photo was taken at all recently, it should be a Chipping Sparrow.
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