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  1. Brrrr That's going to happen to me in the DC area on Sunday & Monday, on a smaller scale. High Sunday afternoon 66, low Monday morning 33 but 26 had been predicted. Up to an inch of snow predicted Sunday and Monday.
  2. I took off from work today with the intention of looking for the Northern Shrike in my county that I haven't seen on three tries (cruddy views the third time, actually, but I'm not counting them). I ended up not going to that spot. I went somewhere else in the morning, though I stayed longer than I had initially planned. When I did finally get home I said f*** it and ended up working for an hour anyway. So I end the year with 165 species.
  3. You're in range https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/California_Scrub-Jay/maps-range. And welcome to Whatbird, DiverDad.
  4. Totally Tufted Titmouse looking like it's plotting mischief
  5. I would simply like to see more species next year than I saw this year (165 so far this year, almost all fairly close to home).
  6. I don't have a camera. Here are some photos and analysis from one of yesterday's eBird checklists: https://ebird.org/checklist/S99520752
  7. Mottled Duck in Montgomery County, MARYLAND (not my checklist) https://ebird.org/checklist/S99518221. First apparent record for the state (1 earlier record not accepted, another not reviewable). The location is less than half an hour from my house, so it didn't very long for me to drive to the site.
  8. Agree on 1 2 3 7. 4 is Costa's Hummingbird I think, 5 I'll pass on, 6 is a Brown-headed Cowbird I think.
  9. It's a shrike. It has a gray head with a black mask through the eye, and black wing feathers contrasting with the gray back. Eastern Kingbirds have back and wings the same color, and a darker and differently shaped head. Plus Eastern Kingbirds are normally never in the US during December.
  10. I once had a dream of a bird that was mostly a really black-backed gull with yellow feet. But it had a long oystercatcher-red bill. It flew off the top of a one-story building near my office. The setting was 100% accurate, just the 'gull' wasn't real. That's about the only bird dream I've had in the past 25 years. For some reason I almost never dream of birds.
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