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  1. Thanks for cropping the photos! House Finch and Song Sparrow.
  2. Forster's Tern. With Kevin's Forster's Gull. ?
  3. Leg and not just foot shows behind the tail, so Yellow-crown. Plus I (think I) can make out the Yellow-crown face pattern in picture #2.
  4. Two Solitary Sandpipers, fourthed
  5. I was starting to wonder about that, thanks!
  6. My first thought was also oriole, likely Hooded. Long and decurved beak, what looks like black feathers on the face/throat, and the tail seems long.
  7. It's a feral pigeon. I hope your mother wasn't affected by the tornadic storms that went through Bucks County yesterday.
  8. I agree. I'm seeing orange/red underneath, which rules out goshawk
  9. I agree, probably/possibly a Lazuli.
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