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  1. I completely missed the second photo. I agree, RN Phalarope and Black Turnstone.
  2. Lesser Nighthawk; the outermost white markings on the primaries are closer to the tip than they are on Common Nighthawk.
  3. House Wren is a much better fit; I hadn't considered that species. The undertail impression (from the video) of B&W Warbler would then be from video quality and lighting.
  4. The undertail pattern is consistent with the pattern of Black-and-white Warbler.
  5. There's no white in front of the eye, there is a little yellow spot inside the black there, and back & wing pattern (white feathers on wing, black feathers on back) match BT Gray
  6. Welcome to Whatbird, Ohaya. As Ed hogg says, you photographed a juvenile Northern Mockingbird
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