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  1. Turnstones, knots, and willets are sandpipers, so they are shorebirds
  2. You are correct, it is a female House Finch
  3. They are definitely Hooded Mergansers. I'll leave it to others to discuss aging.
  4. Jaegers are currently placed in the family Stercorariidae and considered to closer to auks (family Alcidae) than to gulls and terns (both currently in the family Laridae). It is somewhat weird that birds that resemble gulls are more closely related to the dumpy-looking auks.
  5. In spite of the name Carolina Wrens are commonly found as far north as southern New England, so your bird didn't wander very far to get to your feeder
  6. Welcome to Whatbird, gblackwell. I would say your photos are of a Yellow-billed Cuckoo
  7. Welcome to Whatbird, Diogenes. Your bird is a Carolina Wren
  8. It's a young Great Black-backed Gull
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