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  1. I have quite a few male, female, and juvenile Downy Woodpeckers coming to my feeders, but this bird looks a little different due to its slender build and seemingly longer bill. Could this be a Hairy Woodpecker or just a juvenile Downy? Thanks!
  2. This bird visited my Dallas, TX backyard in late May. I am at a loss to identify it. Does this look familiar to anyone?
  3. Thanks for the input. It definitely has the characteristic titmouse black patch above the beak, but the bird is more brown than gray. All of the titmice I have previously seen at my feeders were light gray. I live in northeastern Dallas, east of Central Expressway.
  4. Thanks- here is another shot of the same bird. If it returns today I’ll try to get more photos.
  5. I get visits from the standard gray, white, and orange tufted titmice at my feeders frequently. But this bird showed up today and looks pretty different. Instead of gray with a white breast, the plumage on this bird was kind of gray brown on the back and buff on the breast, with no orange under the wings. But it had the titmouse crest and the black marking above the bill. I live in Dallas, TX and have never seen one like this. Could it be a juvenile?
  6. This cardinal pair visits my safflower seed feeder often, with the attentive male usually feeding the female. Nice to catch them together.
  7. Not a rare species, obviously, but this juvenile blue jay hopped up to within 3’ of my camera today, allowing for this detailed image. There is a nesting pair in my back yard with several juveniles. Taken with a 300mm lens.
  8. Thanks! About two weeks ago in Dallas Texas.
  9. This bird landed on my patio a couple of weeks ago. I don’t recognize it. Can anyone ID this guy? Maybe a juvenile?
  10. This bird visited my Dallas TX back yard in late December. It resembles a female House Sparrows, but the black streak between the eyes seems to mark it as different. There was also no black chin mark on the male. Do this look familiar to anyone?
  11. This bird visited our North Texas back yard in May. It is the only time I have seen one. The wing edges remind me of a pine siskin, but nothing else does. It is shaped like a kinglet, but doesn’t seem to be one. Then there are the yellow lores, but it isn’t a white-throated sparrow. And a white eye ring. Completely baffled...
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