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  1. Gem6155

    Surprise AZ

    My poolside visitors & then some...
  2. I have those House Finches out here in AZ as well - usually trying to figure out how to access the nectar in my Hummer feeders. The males certainly are especially colorful with that bright purple-ish red from their heads thru their chests! Though pretty common, I find them quite amusing, happy little birds that 'play' in the bushes... I have also found that they can be quite susceptible to outdoor chemicals, maybe heavily used pesticides, weed killers, etc. (at least out here). I have had several show up on the patio literally covered in tumors! 2 were so extremely bad, that I was surp
  3. Weirdly enough, cannot find Hooded Oriole in database (even manually) - which would make sense for my having to ask I suppose... OR I could be just losing my mind! 😆 Thanks again guys! Very appreciative for your help & patience!
  4. Oh, and thank you for the welcome! I used to be a member YEARS ago... Happy to be here!
  5. Wow, thank you! Every pic I've seen online, the head always seems much smaller/ compact w a shorter beak! I think I also JUST saw the male (the ONLY pair I've seen around here) & he looked all (bright) yellow but with a black mask around his eyes. Very strange bc I have seen what I thought were Orioles before - but those were much more compact, smaller birds than these guys! (maybe those other more compact yellow/black birds were actually Goldfinches then) THANK YOU!
  6. The weirdest bird I've seen going at my HB feeder like there's no tomorrow. To me, it looks like a catbird mated w a Goldfinch, or maybe more appropriately colored like a Pine Warbler... the head/ longer bill & overall shape just doesn't seem right and it seems to act more like a woodpecker or flicker the way it's been flying/ climbing around my patio where the feeder is. The coloring is VERY PALE yellow & some white underneath and even the tail feathers are a slight yellow on the top. The rest of the bird is mostly a pale grey-ish color... BUT THAT HEAD and bill are just throwing m
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