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  1. No, but that is very interesting.  These were actually tumors on top of tumors that were horrifying to even see all over the birds. It seemed like maybe 3 or 4 birds with varying degrees & it really looked like maybe they were born that way.  Somehow they seemed to manage to get around with little problems.  I would see them on my hummingbird feeders next to my back patio door in AZ... and knowing how much the HOA had the common are next to me sprayed with all types of chemicals - it didn't seem like that much of a long shot, considering these birds all gathered/ lived in the ornamental bushes planted right over my back side wall.   Very upsetting, invasive species or not...

  2. OMG!  How positively horrific! 

    If I lived out there, you'd probably catch me out there every day with a softly lined box full of mealworms & such, bringing them home to nurse back to health (hoping they learned a lesson in avoiding detection if there was a next time).  I know it's Mother Nature & all, but knowingly letting something suffer such an atrocity just isn't something I could live with myself - though I know the cycle would never end...

    Just have always been that way, for as far back as I could remember

  3. I had the same question back then... I keep getting house finch & sparrows confused. 

    JUST recently began seeing them at my feeder at my CT house now & think I read they're nasty little buggers toward the Eastern Bluebirds that finally just started showing up here (think we've got about 2 or 3 pair now regularly).  Have a BB nesting box out there they've been eyeing since last year & again scoping it out BUT these little purple/red headed guys are in a small evergreen tree not 5ft away & I'm getting concerned.  Already moving the feeders away to other side of yard (& where the finches took up residence in my sister's bathroom vent!)

    SOOO, saying thanks for the confirm I was just about to look up again. 😉

  4. I have those House Finches out here in AZ as well - usually trying to figure out how to access the nectar in my Hummer feeders.  The males certainly are especially colorful with that bright purple-ish red from their heads thru their chests!  Though pretty common, I find them quite amusing, happy little birds that 'play' in the bushes...

    I have also found that they can be quite susceptible to outdoor chemicals, maybe heavily used pesticides, weed killers, etc. (at least out here). I have had several show up on the patio literally covered in tumors!  2 were so extremely bad, that I was surprised they could even see where they were going... so gut-wrenching to see.  Just my opinion, but maybe bc they're so common & what I've seen, they're yet another species that is indicative of local environmental health?(Heartbreaking to see such chipper little chirpers suffer resulting effects at the possible hands of our own ignorance)

  5. Wow, thank you! Every pic I've seen online, the head always seems much smaller/ compact w a shorter beak!   I think I also JUST saw the male (the ONLY pair I've seen around here) & he looked all (bright) yellow but with a black mask around his eyes.  Very strange bc I have seen what I thought were Orioles before - but those were much more compact, smaller birds than these guys! (maybe those other more compact yellow/black birds were actually Goldfinches then)


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  6. The weirdest bird I've seen going at my HB feeder like there's no tomorrow.  To me, it looks like a catbird mated w a Goldfinch, or maybe more appropriately colored like a Pine Warbler... the head/ longer bill & overall shape just doesn't seem right and it seems to act more like a woodpecker or flicker the way it's been flying/ climbing around my patio where the feeder is.  The coloring is VERY PALE yellow & some white underneath and even the tail feathers are a slight yellow on the top. The rest of the bird is mostly a pale grey-ish color...  BUT THAT HEAD and bill are just throwing me for a loop!

    I'm also in AZ & I believe this same bird must be nesting just now - believe I dae it chasing a Grackle away ystdy. It's in a common area tall tree over my pool (the waterfall has seemingly become the neighborhood drinking fountain/ birdbath) - so I get all types of birds from Common Rock & brown/ cream Pigeons, to Great Tailed Grackles, Hummers of course (just had 2 black chinned females fledge), and White Winged Doves plus some pretty strange ones I'm trying to capture photos of 1st.

    It's driving me crazy trying to confirm exactly what it is (clearly female from how muted the colors are - ?)

    Thx guys







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