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  1. Not too sure if this still pic may help too?
  2. Hi all, Many thanks for your replies and information, it is very helpful and very much appreciated. Over the last week or so the original bird has appeared with a young and I have managed to get footage of this young bird this morning and I am hoping that this may help with possible identification. Please find footage attached. Many thanks, Amy 20210703_082456_001_001.mp4
  3. Ok, thank you for your help and the information you have given. I shall be sure to post any further photos I manage to get and hopefully these will provide extra detail.
  4. Hi, I am in Southwest England, if that helps in any way? Thanks for the reply and the information.
  5. Hi all, I am looking for some help as to what this bird is which keeps coming to my window sill and feeding from my birdfeeder. Initially, I was thinking a song or mistle thrush, although now I am not so sure. It is larger than a black bird, has an upright stance, is almost pigeon or dove like in it's stance and appearance, has a dark yellow beak with black markings on towards the tip (although I am unsure as to whether this may have been dirt), when it turns to the side the beak is almost gull-like in length and shape, and it is an off-white colour on it's underbelly and chin areas with dark speckles but it's chest area is a burnt orange colour. It loves berries and has been visiting for a few weeks now and it is just yesterday which I finally managed to get a picture when it looked directly at me! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Amy
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