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  1. Hi all,

    I am looking for some help as to what this bird is which keeps coming to my window sill and feeding from my birdfeeder. Initially, I was thinking a song or mistle thrush, although now I am not so sure. It is larger than a black bird, has an upright stance, is almost pigeon or dove like in it's stance and appearance, has a dark yellow beak with black markings on towards the tip (although I am unsure as to whether this may have been dirt), when it turns to the side the beak is almost gull-like in length and shape, and it is an off-white colour on it's underbelly and chin areas with dark speckles but it's chest area is a burnt orange colour. It loves berries and has been visiting for a few weeks now and it is just yesterday which I finally managed to get a picture when it looked directly at me! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


    Many thanks



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