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  1. Thank you all for your suggestions and comments. Sorry I haven't returned sooner but life got in the way, lol To answer the questions, the bird was the size of a typical cardinal. It happened so fast I didn't have a chance to see if it had the typical black mask,a crest, or, the color of the feet. All I noticed was the stunning yellow and the size. I've seen Orioles and it was definitely not one. However, I've never seen an orchard oriole as someone mentioned. Nor have I ever seen any tanningers either for any sort of comparison. Admittedly, I am NOT an expert on birds by any means. I simply wanted to know if the yellow cardinal actually exists and could it be possible in upstate NY. I'm about 50+/- miles north of Binghamton. Sadly, I haven't seen it again either but I'm still watching and waiting. Thank you to everyone who responded. 🙂
  2. I just joined today so hello all! :) Unfortunately, i did not get a picture because it happened so fast but, i think i spotted a yellow cardinal. I'm in upstate NY and I fleetingly saw an all yellow bird. By ALL yellow I mean, it's underside and it's back, tail feathers, everything was yellow! It was bright canary yellow & the size of a cardinal. I've tried researching on Google (of course) and all I came up with was goldfinches or warblers. But the size is what had me stumped because this was definitely bigger than a goldfinch or a warbler! Could I have possibly seen one of these rarities?? Are they in or around upstate NY? Whatever it was, it was absolutely gorgeous! I sure hope he comes back so I CAN snap a picture (or several!)
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