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  1. Yes. It was a young Robin. I looked up a picture and that is the bird. We get a lot of Robins in our yard, but I never saw a juvenile. He sounded like he was calling out to another bird. Maybe he was calling out to his parents. Thanks, Chris
  2. Thank you for helping me ID a bird that I just saw for the first time in my yard. Bird has a long yellow beak or bill, dark black head with soft gray back and black tail. It looked like the chest was reddish or brownish. It was perched on a fence and chirping softly in a repetitive tone, not squawking like a Jay or Crow . Located in North Georgia, Kennesaw, on June 12 about 5 pm. I have several bird feeders, suet and mill worms out for the birds. We have a lot of trees and shrubs in our yard, plus we are bordered by forest. There are 5 Bluebird eggs in the birdhouse near where I saw this bird. So, at first I was concerned it might be a predator, but it flew away. Thanks,
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