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  1. Hmm, whoops if that's that case! Would you please let me know what led you to that? Was thinking jaeger based on overall darkish gray coloring and the bird *seemed* large (although that can obviously be misleading with a bird seen in isolation ?) compared to the short-bills I had seen up close.
  2. Agree with indigo bunting, and I'm also thinking forster's tern--wingtips look lighter than common tern.
  3. Pics taken 8/1/22 while on a boat tour of the Tracy Arm Fjord. Saw these pipers (?) at the edge of the Taku Inlet. This jaeger flew over the boat near the South Stewart Glacier. I've never seen jaegers before--is there enough here to verify parasitic over pomarine?
  4. Going through photos and audio from a recent trip to Juneau, and I'm not sure on this one. Thinking immature fox sparrow? Spotted in a cluster of berry bushes a short ways from the shore of Eagle Beach in Juneau, AK (7/27/22).
  5. Something about watching birds interacting with the resident cottontails puts a big smile on my face.
  6. Went to the rundown sunflower plant in my town that the pigeons (and a few cats...) have moved into. The pigeons were quite relaxed, cooing away and peeking down at me over all the plant's nooks and crannies.
  7. Bump for any input. Thanks!
  8. Glimpsed this morning in Richland County, North Dakota. Figured it was warbling, but the eyeline goes to the bill, and the belly is quite yellow. Now thinking Philadelphia. Thoughts?
  9. According to eBird... But my vote would go to the Gambel's Quail in my avatar. @chipperatlAwesome Sora pics. I was ecstatic when I got my first pic of a sora this last weekend, and the pic was terrible.?
  10. Late entry here, but let's see... *Fill up the illustrated checklist for the local park--I bird this place often throughout the year and fill up my county's eBird page since not many birders are active here. ? *Feed Baltimore orioles. Only my second spring at my current address. Managed to get a pair of orchard orioles the first day I put oranges out this year, but so far no Baltimores. *Add some nemesis grassland sparrows to my life list via my summer prairies trip: LeConte's, Baird's, Nelson's in addition to Sprague's pipit, Chestnut-collared longspur and cattle egret. *And then I've got some target species for a late summer trip to visit a friend in Alaska
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