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  1. This morning (9/4) at the sewage settling ponds in Fargo, ND.
  2. The only thing I'm seeing online is mentioned at the bottom of this blogpost: https://www.drewmonkman.com/why-do-gray-squirrels-gather-stones/
  3. Thanks x2! Had them narrowed down to Baird's, White-rumped and Least . . . 😅 Which factors pointed you both to Least?
  4. Observed foraging at the Albany WTP in Albany, MN. July 2nd, 2021. These two sandpipers kept to the rocks alongside the water, popping up to run, then walking with heads down, pecking as they went.
  5. Thanks and have a great week to both of you!
  6. Good evening (or morning, day, etc.!), heard this song while walking along the Verde River in Riverfront Park (Cottonwood, AZ) on the morning of June 13. It sounds familiar, but I'm not great on ID by vocalization alone (yet!). Bird in question can be heard at 8 seconds into the file. DSCN5827.mp3
  7. Agreed with the females being tricky. I'm normally birding up in the Midwest where ruby-throated are the only common hummers, but for each day I've been in Arizona (visiting in Yavapai myself!) there have been a few female black-chinned/Anna's. I'm able to ID maybe 50% off my photos. 😅
  8. I'm leaning towards boat-tailed with the 'peakier' head raising further above the bill.
  9. Thanks! It's a great site 🙂
  10. Hello all. Been birding for a few years but well outside of my normal range in Arizona, so lots of fun and new birds to learn. This one has me stumped. Been going through the filters on the main site and Merlin, but I'm still stumped. Any help is appreciated! Dead Horse Ranch SP on 6/8/21, perched for a split second and darted away before I could manage a decent shot.
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