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  1. Thought this was a Brewer's at first but maybe a Grackle? The beak is large but the head and body rounder. Grackles around here are usually blacker body. 180th Street Marsh, Dakota County, MN 06/12/22, 8:10am.
  2. South Lakeville, 05/18/22, 9:15am. Not sure on this one...seems similar to a female grossbeak with bill/striping but breast doesn't have streaking of our Rose Breasted...Sitting on a hay bail next to a spotted sandpiper!
  3. Lebanon Hills Regional Park, 05/15/22 9:10am. Any ideas on this one...maybe a female or juvenile warbler?
  4. Lebanon Hills Regional Park, Eagan, MN 9:20am - this one was in underbrush near west edge of Schultz lake.
  5. Lebanon Hills Regional Park, Eagan, MN 9:30am 5/15/22.
  6. Golden, CO, May 10, 9:40am. This family group of birds was hanging out in a tall tree along a creek...
  7. Any ideas on what wren this might be...Apple Valley, MN 9:30am, 05/12/2022. Edge of Lebanon Hills Regional Park.
  8. Drat...that's not very exotic but I do like the first photo I took!
  9. I should mention also had a slight noticeable white wingbar...
  10. Apple Valley, MN 12:45pm on edge of Lebanon Hills Regional Park - any ideas? Note beak color...no eye ring really...
  11. 140th Street Marsh, Dakota County, MN 10:30am 04/29/22. Saw this small bird this morning along mud flats/bank of a marsh. Coloring seemed off for an American Pipit. It was windy and these aren't as sharp as I'd like... Notes: no white eye ring, large pink feet, dark bill that seems longer...heavier yellowish eyebrow with dark bar across eye...
  12. Is this a Sharp Shinned or Cooper's Hawk...Apple Valley suburbs, 3:30PM. Eating a yellow shafted northern flicker...
  13. Ok - I agree with the Pectoral Sandpipers for photo 1. Sandpipers are tough! Here are a few more pics of them...photo 2 four in foreground, photo 3 center and left...
  14. Lake Byllesby mud flats at west end. 04/11/22 @ 4PM. Saw a number of shorebirds this afternoon upon closer photographic inspection I believe a few sandpipers were in with the Greater/Lesser Yellowlegs. First photo looks like Upland Sandpipers - note yellow beak with black tip. Second photo - this one was way off alone by itself - the beak isn't as dark as the yellowlegs and it seemed a bit grayer/darker - also legs are paler...believe Solitary Sandpiper. Third photo for comparison - believe Lesser Yellowlegs. Fourth photo for comparison - Greater Yellowlegs I believe in background (note longer bill) and two Lesser in foreground.
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