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  1. August 17th, 2PM, Garden of the Gods, Gateway Trail. Longer, slimmer beak, white eye ring. Flittering around cedar shrubs...
  2. 140th St Marsh in Rosemount MN, 07/23/21. 9:15AM.
  3. Seems too dark for an American Bittern??? 140th Street Marsh, Rosemount, MN. 8:30AM. 07/23/21. Not greatest pics as soaring low across marsh... I did see two adult Green Herons well on other side of Marsh...
  4. Bridge Pond, Southern Lebanon Hills Regional Park, 07/21/21 3:15PM. Note greenish bill and darker coloring. Purple wing bars have narrow white edging. Walked up shore from edge of pond together right over to me while photographing others...
  5. Southern Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Apple Valley, MN, 07/21/21 3:15PM.
  6. Sparrow like bird seen 06/11/21 along Schulz Lake Trail in Eagan, MN at 9am at edge of open field. Doesn't have solid cap or heavy center spot of Fox or Song Sparrows.
  7. Lebanon Hills - McDonough Lake boardwalk along wooded shoreline, 6/30 7PM.
  8. Lebanon Hills - McDonough Lake boardwalk along wooded shoreline, 6/16 7PM.
  9. Photo taken about 11am, June 4, Eagan, MN along southeast lobe of McDonough Lake in Lebanon Hills Regional Park. Robin sized bird with longer tail, blackish eyes, dark yellow patch under throat perched in mature oak woodland above lakeside hill...
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