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  1. So I am figuring that the bird is either a Hermit Thrush or Swainson's Thrush.I thought a Hermit Thrush had white around its eyes. Maybe I am totally off. Appreciate the help on this ID. Taken in Florida along the Gulf Coast. About a month ago along a Lake with a lot of marsh around it. Thank You
  2. So I am thinking this is either a female Common yellowthroat warbler or a orange crowned warbler. Any thoughts on this. It was taken in Florida about a month ago near Naples in a swampy area.
  3. I took this photo along along along a lake near Clearwater, Florida 3 days ago. The bird stayed in the shadows of the leaves and branches for the most part. So I thought it was a wren of sorts, but then it sang/called and it sounded like a ruby crowned kinglet. I used the App Merlin Bird Id and used the Sound Id feature on the bird and it came up as a ruby kinglet. I am just not sure. Maybe its a fledgling? Thanks for the help.
  4. I think its a sparrow, but not sure. Other than the photo taken in Florida, I am unsure of a more specific location. Thanks for your help
  5. I am guessing this is a Pine Warbler, but I am unsure because of only a front view in the photo. I took this photo in April at Fort De Soto, Florida. Appreciate the help. Thanks
  6. I believe this is a Palm Warbler, but the head does not show any reddish color. Would this be correct. It was photographed in a local park in Florida along the Gulf Coast. Thanks for the help.
  7. So I am guessing this is a flycatcher, but not sure which kind.  the photo was taken near Northern Florida/ South Georgia at a local park in July.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks


    1. Quiscalus quiscula

      Quiscalus quiscula

      Looks like an Eastern Phoebe. I assume you meant to post this in the Help Me Identify a North American Bird section? Should I ask a moderator to move it for you?

    2. JayP


      Yes please.  Thanks for your help.  Sorry I placed it in the wrong area.

  8. So I am thinking this is a Short-tailed hawk, but it seems so dark. Was not sure if it was a juvenile or a morph of sorts. Photo was taken in a park along the coast of Gulf Coast of Florida around April or May. Thanks for any help.
  9. Help with bird Id. Found in Florida in May in brush area near a lake. Thanks
  10. So I know this is a Kestrel. But the color of the feathers is it an immature Kestrel or a morph maybe? Photo was taken 11/06/21 in Florida near a field used for cattle. Not sure if this helps. Thanks
  11. Bird Id Help Please. Photo taken in Florida in a marsh area. I thought maybe a starling. But unsure. Thanks for the help.
  12. Bird Id Help Please. Photo taken in Florida in a marsh area.  I thought maybe a starling.  But unsure.  Thanks for the help.

    IMG_2614 (2).JPG

  13. I took this photo about 2 weeks ago at Myakka River State Park in Sarasota Florida. Could not ID it in 3 books: National Audubon Field Guide to Florida and 2 other field guide for bird books. Kind of like a Turkey head and a large quail body! Any help is appreciate. Thanks
  14. Photo taken in Pasco County Florida on a cattle grazing ranch in January. I am guessing maybe a Palm Warbler, but not seeing much yellow on its chest. Any help appreciated. Thanks
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