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  1. I did not get a good look at the entire bird and would speculate that the tail was obscured by a branch. The body of the bird was the approx size of an adults thumb. I was struck by the color; which is what caught my attention. I agree on the comments re size being hard to judge - as I’ve gone back and looked I was able to generate an estimate based on the size of the branches and backdrop of where it was perched as best I could. Frankly it looked and moved like a large humming bird…
  2. Second story deck. Thanks for the help.
  3. Was not a warbler, too large. Long time birder but this one has me stumped.
  4. Date - today 6/20 Habitat - Rural Residential, agricultural area. In a yard perched in a pine tree, outside branch, near the top around 30 feet. Had very quick flight pattern in bursts.
  5. Central Indiana Bird. Appeared to be all yellow (only saw the back) and was the size of an adults thumb.
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