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  1. I have my ideas on what this could be, but I’d love some insight. Heard from a marshy/forested area bordering the Missouri River. IMG_3503.mp4
  2. Seen today at Waneka Lake, Boulder, CO. Is this a female Baltimore, a hybrid, or a weird looking female Bullock's.
  3. Photographed in Boulder County two days ago. Is this a good candidate for an African Collared-Dove? Everything looked right, especially in flight with white undertail coverts noticeable. Any input is welcome!
  4. Two gulls photographed at Cherry Creek State Park. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The first three photos are of the first bird, the second two are of the second bird.
  5. There are both Lesser and American Goldfinches in these pictures.
  6. Is this just a pale Eurasian, or could it be an African Collared-Dove? The undertail coverts appeared pale white in the field. I apologize for the terrible photos.
  7. Hi all, This bird was observed today in Colorado. I'm thinking Long-tailed - dainty, tern-like, long tail - but I'm not sure. Thanks!
  8. Just to clarify, the first and third pictures are of the male in question, while the second is of the female associating with it.
  9. Hi all, I saw this pair earlier today in the mountains of CO. Pretty sure this is a MEDU, but it is very dark blackish-brown versus the brown with rufous tones that I am familiar with in MEDU. Also, I'm not really seeing the internal markings on the body feathers. Date and location strongly support MEDU, as does the buffy throat/head versus cold grayish. Thanks!
  10. Looks Clay-colored to me too. Any chance of a hybrid?
  11. Thanks for the input everyone. Any other ideas or confirmations?
  12. Yes, I can. Sorry for all the trouble. The bird on the bottom left is an American Crow just at a weird angle. It had been calling and flying over the river prior to the hawk's arrival.
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