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    Upstate New York- please message me if you are planning to go to Schenectady, Albany, or Saratoga counties, as I may have some tips.

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  1. Thirded. Nice birds! Please remember to add location next time.
  2. Agreed. For the location, the GISS and bill color make this a Ring-billed. An immature bird, likely first winter.
  3. Confirmed. Yellow spectacles, streaky breast, and white belly and undertail coverts.
  4. Correct! See the belly band, patagial bars, and reddish tail. Looks good for an adult.
  5. Using Adobe Photoshop Indochinese Roller Before: After:
  6. The sad truth on what happens to most vagrants...Nice pictures and birds!
  7. Yep! I see them out of the car window all the time, but seldom vultures, especially not in winter.
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