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  1. Looks like Lesser Scaup and Gadwall, from the birder who has seen neither species.
  2. I think both Gadwall with the puffy head.
  3. Exactly! Pale iris, white sides of tail, dark eyeline.
  4. The birder mantra: if you think it's a raven, it's a crow. If you know it's a raven, it's a raven. Common Raven would be a really big deal for Florida, there are no records from eBird. Also, ravens prefer more remote mountainous regions while American and Fish Crows prefer more open, park-like habitats for foraging. Based from the frequency, the crow is a Fish. The legs also look shorter than an American Crow.
  5. I haven't chased before either, as I'm sure you know. Nothing interesting has been seen in my county for a long time, though. The most interesting thing was a Peregrine Falcon which I haven't seen before, but it was just a random incidental in a city.
  6. I don't have longspur experience, but my best guess is Chestnut-collared Longspur for the second bird based on the facial and tail pattern. The first bird is confusing me.
  7. Yeah, I would love to be on whatbird more but sometimes I've got to let work come first...How is birding in KS in the winter? I had such high hopes for winter finches this year but I haven't seen a single one yet.
  8. When were you absent? I've been swamped with homework...
  9. I'm at a sad 21 species. Winter birding here is not very exciting, and I doubt I'll get any lifers until spring, but the highlight was two Bald Eagles who flew into my yard and landed- new yard birds.
  10. Yeah, it's been in the -F range lately.
  11. Had Eastern Towhee, Harris's Sparrow (!) and a bunch of other lifers all lined up on the branches of a tree outside my window in my dream last night.
  12. Well, this is late, but welcome to Whatbird, @Tanager 101! (I'm one of the 'real' young birders.)
  13. Winter birding here is sad...Can't really get more than 5 species on a checklist, and I've given up trying.
  14. Yes, but they aren't flagged here and I got one a couple days ago in my yard.
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