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  1. BRDL 371 πŸ₯šπŸ¦πŸͺΆπŸ₯š πŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯š πŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯š πŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯š 🐦🐦🐦🐦
  2. birdie πŸ¦† #254: πŸŸ©β¬›β¬›β¬›β¬›β¬› https://birdiegame.net/ A very familiar bird for me.
  3. I have some photos, but they're badly digiscoped ones from my old camera. I'll see if I have a chance to get some better ones of the neighborhood flock.
  4. That was my initial reaction, but I'd never seen that strong of an eyebrow on one before. Another stupid mistake to add to my list.
  5. Looks like a female Red-winged Blackbird. That beak shape is wrong for a swallow species.
  6. GISS, especially longer head shape and thin bill.
  7. It is a merganser, just likely not determinable which one.
  8. I'm always noticing the feet of the birds in your photos πŸ˜‚
  9. birdie πŸ¦… #253: πŸŸ©β¬›β¬›β¬›β¬›β¬› https://birdiegame.net/
  10. BRDL 370 πŸͺΆπŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯š 🐦πŸ₯šπŸͺΆπŸ₯š πŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯š πŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯š 🐦🐦πŸ₯šπŸ¦ 🐦🐦🐦🐦
  11. BRDL 369 πŸͺΆπŸ¦πŸ₯šπŸ₯š πŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸͺΆ πŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯š πŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯š 🐦🐦🐦πŸ₯š 🐦🐦🐦🐦
  12. Yes, it's a Hermit Thrush, the only spotted thrush likely to be in North America in winter.
  13. @The Pigeon Nest is saying that this is a domestic bird, a pet, and it may fall prey to hawks and other predators in the city since it has not learned to survive like the typical pigeons that you normally see.
  14. BRDL 368 πŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸͺΆ πŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯š πŸ₯šπŸͺΆπŸ₯šπŸ₯š πŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ¦ πŸ₯šπŸ¦πŸͺΆπŸ¦ 🐦🐦🐦🐦
  15. I've got ten additional taxa. My only reported hybrid is Mallard x ABDU, which I see about twice a year.
  16. *to insect that it has spotted* "Prepare to be eaten, o small one"
  17. Neither Eastern or Chihuahuan Meadowlark are on the needs list, so both must have been posted already.
  18. New York- Eastern Bluebird Haven't done much traveling within the US since I started birding.
  19. I'd just leave it up. Give it time and the honest ratings will prevail.
  20. How are we ruling out Golden-crowned Kinglet for the first bird?
  21. It is a Northern Mockingbird. It has a faint eyeline and you can barely see the wing patch.
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