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  1. First is Eastern Wood-Pewee and second is Eastern Phoebe, in my opinion.
  2. Is it just me, or is there a Yellow-rumped mixed in somewhere?
  3. Wow, great! I'm hoping for Golden-crowned Kinglet this winter, I've only seen Ruby-crowned.
  4. What, am I such a bad thing? Answer carefully...
  5. Lifers Magnolia and Chestnut-sided Warblers! Chestnut-sided was a nemesis for a while.
  6. First time birding in this county, was with a local bird club. Pretty good birding, though the birders there say it's usually a bit more active. https://ebird.org/checklist/S94885186
  7. Yes, she's learning more about birds though, and better at spotting them than I. She also does the driving.
  8. 1. Pectoral Sandpiper 2. Least Sandpiper 3. Lesser Yellowlegs 4. Ruddy Turnstone 5. Black-bellied Plover 6. Semipalmated Sandpiper 7. Black-bellied Plover Just to put everything in one place.
  9. I had fun drawing this stunner! It's the state bird of New York 😁. Can't wait to see everyone else's entries!
  10. Thing is, what about birders who aren't photographers? I should think their sightings are questioned a lot more.
  11. Funny, I saw one doing the same thing today. It had a gigantic moth in its beak!
  12. Yes, that's definitely a Barred Owl. There is definitely not a high chance of attack, as owls are generally not aggressive to humans. The only possibility of an owl attacking a human would be if someone actively disturbs a nest on purpose, I believe. I'm not sure what you can do to discourage the owl from her porch, I'll defer to the experts for that.
  13. Yes, this is a Red-shouldered Hawk. A rather Accipiter-like buteo.
  14. Good point, I think I kind of accidentally skimmed over that one, because the picture is rather small.
  15. Definitely a Wood-Pewee. Especially because in central NY, Traill's is rare nowl
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