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  1. 8 minutes ago, deaditeash said:

    Ring Necked or a Lesser Scaup I thought...here's a better pic of that one...well these are all terrible since I forgot to change focus from center dot to groups...still at far right...and a few others of all the action going on there!image.thumb.jpeg.e4a36e84c11854cb15e4173fb58ffa63.jpeg



    Upon closer inspection, that's a Ring-necked Duck on the right.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, Kevin said:

    Glad to see another thought as now that I'm at the big screen can't make it fit any of the wrens.

    On the other hand...

    Could you provide a reference for Palm Warbler? I have never seen one so going completely off book knowledge, but a quick look at Sibley's shows them being fairly yellow, with no sign of a rufous wing.


    This bird looks rather similar if that's what you meant by a reference. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/381676501

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  3. I have a massive backlog since I've been busy with accelerated high school, but last week I participated in my first birding competition! It was the first time the Barrens Birding Blitz was held, with teams birding across the local Albany Pine Bush Preserve. Altogether 101 species were recorded during the competition. Species had to be confirmed by at least two members of the group and teams were required to stay together- pretty standard competition rules I think.

    My team came in first place with 60 species, and our names will be engraved on the Barrens Blitz trophy cup! We also saw the highest number of warbler species. 

    I got this trophy to take home: P1020170.thumb.JPG.d87bbc5b91015127a98e90369b453c18.JPG

    I had good looks (although not great photos) of two lifers that I got there- #309 Merlin and #310 Wilson's Warbler!



    I'll upload the rest of the pictures tomorrow hopefully

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