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  1. 4 minutes ago, IKLland said:

    You said if anything the bird in the photo is “too colorful for yellow bellied.”

    I was always told that YBFL are the same bright yellow as WEFL. Even the dullest WEFL are brighter than that. I agree that the bird isn’t a YBFL-except I think it’s because of shape, etc, and because this bird sure bright yellow at all, in fact I see hardly any yellow. You’re arguing it’s not yellow bellied because it’s TOO colorful. Maybe I’m just wrong about what Ybfl can look like but this certainly doesn’t look colorful enough. 


    I believe @Avery is referring to the range of colors here, not brightness or saturation. According to him Least Flycatchers have a larger range of different colors that contrast more, while Yellow-bellied, although brightly yellow colored, does not have as much contrast in different tones.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, dragon49 said:

    100% in agreement with the misidentified Cape May.  I switched the photo to the appropriate section.  Pls see my reply to @BlueJayMy photos don't show the head, (except for maybe a little of it on the second one which may show part of the stripe) so I can't clearly see the stripe marking, but the back colors and profile look good to me for a Swainson's.  

    Also, the sulky, very low, almost hidden under twigs and leaves ground behavior is exactly what I witnessed when I got my Swainson's warbler (confirmed as it was rare - out of season) at the time.  I've seen Northern cardinals on the ground, but not behaving like this.

    What's your argument for a female, Northern Cardinal?

    The red wings are contrasting with the body color, which is never seen on a Swainson's Warbler. You can also see a red crest and black mask, more obvious in the second photo. I have also seen the cardinals in my neighborhood foraging in brushy foliage before.

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  3. I agree with most of this, and nowadays I always go birding with camera and binoculars. However there was a short time when I wasn't using my binoculars because it was tricky figuring out how to use them with my glasses. It's been so good to be able to use both again now.

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